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VC Internship analyst (4-6 months)

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NetherlandsInvestment Team

Job description

The internship at Newion is intended to get young ambitious career starters exposed to working in a VC firm and get hands-on experience with deal sourcing, deal research, and deal-making.

For the internship, we have a structured approach to get you up and running in the first 2 months, where we focus on teaching you the basics of venture capital and scale-ups. Then there are 2 months in which we ensure you get actual experience at doing the work and applying the learnings of the first two months. In the final 2 months, we make sure that you can do specific tasks & finish your internship report to make sure the full internship is a well-rounded experience.

After the internship, an intern should be fully equipped with skills to apply for analyst positions or should have a good understanding of what career should be pursued.

Apply and join us!

We have rolling internships, usually starting in the first month of the quarter.

Job requirements

Job tasks:

  • Assist in deal sourcing.

  • Perform market research and formulate related investment theses.

  • Development of investment assessment materials.


  • Enrollment in or just finished a (Master) level university program in business, finance or engineering.

  • Structured thinking, proof of well-developed analytical skills.

  • Highly motivated, self-driven and strong drive in general.

  • Strong communication skills.

  • High degree of integrity.

  • Fluent in English.

  • Within close proximity to the Amsterdam office.

The selection process is in 3 steps:

  1. We will start with a 30 minutes online interview with a pre-selected group of candidates.

  2. We will select a number of candidates to do an in depth (online) interview with 2 more team members.

  3. A lunch will be organised with one candidate with more members of the Newion team to get a first impression on the team and to make sure you fit in the team.